"Wilhelmshaven, Best Place as LNG Terminal in Germany"

During the exclusive interview with Media KN of Republic of Korea in Wilhelmshaven, Mrs. Siemtje Möller said.

 On October 22, Media KN taking roles of BVL Chapter Korea and Representative of Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven JadeWeserPort-Marketing GmbH & Co. KG met a Member of the Federal Parliament Bundestag representing 26 Friesland / Wilhelmshaven / Wittmund and had an interview focused on trendy topics in Northern Germany, where she is represented. Below is the full text of interview with Mrs.Möller.

Q. As a Member of the Federal Parliament Bundestag from one of the northern regions of Germany, the question of logistics and the energy transition must be of importance to you. In view of the plans to expand the deepwater port of Wilhelmshaven into a major port for liquefied natural gas terminals in Germany, how do you see the region's chances, and what must the support for federal and state policies look like here?

A. When it comes to LNG, Wilhelmshaven has all the arguments on its side. I am convinced that Wilhelmshaven is the best location for a LNG terminal. Various reasons for a terminal in Wilhelmshaven are obvious. I would not like to list all of them at this point, but just the various implementation options that we have on site in Wilhelmshaven, which makes it possible to refuel vessels of all sizes, make it clear how well Wilhelmshaven is positioned for LNG. The good nautical conditions along the coast and low investment costs due to existing infrastructure also support the suitability of Wilhelmshaven as an excellent location.

 All regional political actors are in the current location debate behind Wilhelmshaven and hold talks at the appropriate levels. This discussion is also about substantial subsidies from the federal government. For this I make myself strong in Berlin and hold talks with the ministries, investors and other politicians. However, the state of Lower Saxony will also have to participate. With Olaf Lies, the minister responsible is firmly on the side of Wilhelmshaven as the location for the liquefied gas terminal.

Q. Let's stay with the energy transition. As a Member of the Bundestag, your constituency goes as far as the North Sea and even islands in the North Sea are included. What significance does wind energy have for you and is the energy transition a future topic for northwestern Germany?

A. Wind energy is omnipresent in our region. With Wilhelmshaven as an energy hub, we can succeed here locally to actively help shape the energy transition in Germany. The topic of LNG also plays a major role in this regard as bridge technology. Among other things, we are talking about green gas and power-to-gas, ie the conversion of wind energy into gas. Here, too, we have the best conditions here in the region thanks to the caverns and the existing connection to the gas network.

Q. Logistics and hinterland connection are important topics especially for port locations. How do you rate the German traffic policy for the hinterland connection to the German ports and is this competitive for you with regard to the JadeWeserPort in Wilhelmshaven and European ports?

A. One thing is clear in this area: We have to provide better conditions to guarantee the connection. Here we are on a good way: The electrification of the railway line and the project to expand the Middle Weser are two important steps. With the expansion of the Middle Weser, inland navigation could be strengthened so that Wilhelmshaven is even more optimally connected. Wilhelmshaven has enormous potential. This has to be used now.